Pet Industry Turns To NetSuite Cloud

Pet Industry Turns To NetSuite Cloud

NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), the industry's leading provider ofcloud-basedfinancials/ERP and omnichannel commerce software suites, today announced new customer wins in the pet goods sector, a $55.5 billion industry in the U.S. alone[1]. The new wins announced today include fast-growing companies like Dog is Good, Happy Jack, Pup-Pee Solutions, Ruffwear and Pet Lifestyle And You (P.L.A.Y). These companies have replaced disparate and outdated on-premise systems with NetSuite's single integrated suite of business management software, providing omnichannel B2B and B2C sales, financials, inventory and order management, manufacturing and CRM functionality, allowing these organizations to improve efficiency and deliver a superior customer experience.

Pet goods companies running NetSuite report that they are growing revenues, optimizing inventory management, dramatically improving productivity, building stronger customer and partner relationships, and expanding B2B and B2C sales channels atop the NetSuite SuiteCommerce platform. SuiteCommerce addresses key omnichannel challenges and delivers critical business advantages, including a 360-degree view into customer relationships, real-time data visibility and analytics, real-time inventory management, a dynamic web storefront, efficient order management, and multi-language and multi-website management. NetSuite will be at the SuperZoo pet industry trade show in Las Vegas this week, hosted by the World Pet Association and attended by pet retailers and suppliers from more than 50 countries. For more information, please visit

With NetSuite, pet goods merchants are better able to serve their customers through anytime, anywhere access to real-time information on sales, profitability, inventory, suppliers, B2B and B2C customers, and more. By eliminating the high capital expenditures and unproductive, ongoing IT maintenance and troubleshooting required with in-house systems in favor of the NetSuite cloud, pet goods companies are channeling resources into delivering innovative and quality products, expanding into new markets and delivering a superior omnichannel customer experience across their websites, call centers, direct sales and other touchpoints. NetSuite's integrated suite makes real-time business information available on-demand, driving informed business decisions and eliminating the delays and inefficiency of piecing together data from disjointed applications and relying on spreadsheets to cobble together fragile business views, as is typical in on-premise environments. With NetSuite, distributors and manufacturers of products for dogs, cats and other family membersare able to:

  • Improve supply chain operations with integrated inventory and order management, and build demand forecasts with real-time data, reducing excess inventory or the risk of stock outs.
  • Provide a real-time, 360-degree view of the business by seamlessly integrating financials / ERP, CRM and Ecommerce, empowering businesses to manage their interactions directly with consumers, other businesses and trading partners.
  • Allow data to flow seamlessly to wholesale distributors and their trading partners, to ensure communication is in lockstep with the same data, audit trails and real-time accuracy at every stage.
  • Let stakeholders share container, pallet, location, forecasting, scheduling and unit-level data while collaborating on a common cloud platform.
  • Manage all transactions and associated customer interactions regardless of touchpoint.

"NetSuite customers in the pet goods industry are no longer losing out on growth opportunities in fragmented environments of stovepiped applications," said Roman Bukary, NetSuite VP and GM of Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution. "We're gratified to see so many pet goods companies thrive in the pet goods sector by taking advantage of the benefits of cloud ERP, CRM and Ecommerce."

The expanding NetSuite customer base of pet goods retailers and manufacturers includes:

Dog is Good (, a Los Alamitos, Calif.-based merchant of canine-themed t-shirts, coffee mugs, art, gifts and more for dog lovers, has dramatically improved business efficiency and productivity since implementing NetSuite in the Fall of 2012 to replace QuickBooks, ProStores, ShipWorks, Brandboom and other disparate systems. Dog is Good, founded in 2008, leverages NetSuite for sales force automation that has helped increase the number of retailers stocking Dog is Good products to several hundred in the U.S. and Canada; and for financials, inventory management and fulfillment from its California warehouse, NetSuite SuiteCommerce powers Dog is Good's B2C store and B2B portal, enabling retail buyers to order products, access discount pricing, and more, in a password-protected environment. Dog is Good is saving at least 20 hours a month compared to its previous manual order management and fulfillment processes, while a process to calculate sales commissions and royalties has been reduced from seven hours to 1.5 hours. By switching to a cloud-based solution, Dog is Good has eliminated the expense and headaches of its previous multi-vendor environment. "With NetSuite, everything is tied together," said Dog is Good Co-founder Jon Kurtz. "Our order management and inventory are in real-time, and we do not need to manually enter orders into QuickBooks. We're poised for growth with NetSuite and no matter how big we get, I know we'll never have to add infrastructure or invest in another system."

Happy Jack (, a manufacturer of animal health products in Snow Hill, N.C., has revolutionized its business operations since installing NetSuite in 2004 to replace an antiquated, custom-built MS-DOS application with limited functionality that resulted in numerous paper-based processes. Selected over a competing Everest Software application, NetSuite has given Happy Jack breakthrough efficiency, visibility and control over a complex mix of inventory components sourced from more than 800 suppliers that go into its products to treat fleas and ticks, worms, ear and skin maladies, and more. Happy Jack can track inventory at the item level in real time and better understand costs to optimize pricing, while NetSuite helps the company streamline production at about 12 U.S outsourced manufacturers as well as internal assembly processes. The solution also improves Happy Jack's compliance with federal and state regulations governing medicines, such as strengthening product recall readiness with on-demand data on product lots, shipment dates and buyers. Since going live, Happy Jack has increased sales by about 40 percent and expanded its channel to 3,000 dealer locations in the U.S. while running three SuiteCommerce-based webstores that draw from a single data set, including the direct-to-consumer site. "NetSuite has revolutionized our business on every level," said Manning Exum, Happy Jack Chief Operations Officer. "What used to take us hours, from hunting down an invoice to even entering orders, can now be done in minutes. NetSuite is a constantly evolving and improving system, and I don't know what we'd do without it."