PTS Plays Role in Conservation by Building New Data Center for the World Wildlife Fund

PTS Plays Role in Conservation by Building New Data Center for the World Wildlife Fund

PTS Data Center Solutions ("PTS") was requisitioned by the world's leading conservation organization to assess its data center environment problem.

The World Wildlife Fund ("WWF") was in need of a more energy efficient data center with high availability and lower operating costs. During the assessment, PTS detected that WWF's rack densities were causing an increase in heat which caused the existing Computer Room Air Condition System (CRAC) to flood the room with air. Hence, the CRAC had a very low Delta T between its supply and return. The resulting increased loads did not work well in the environment, causing inefficiencies in the overall effectiveness of the cooling solution, so improvements in power and cooling were a necessity.

A renovation was initially proposed, but when PTS found out that WWF's first floor tenant was moving out, PTS recommended an entirely new data center build-out. PTS was tasked with design, construction management, procuring equipment, overseeing installation, commissioning, and post construction services. WWF received a dynamic cooling solution which gives the data center the energy efficiency that was desired.

PTS was able to educate WWF on the efficiency of a modular data center. By using an in-row cooling design with variable Frequency drives, WWF was given a dynamic cooling solution which offers the desired energy efficiency.

"The use of modular systems is an excellent strategy to address growth without major disruptions", said Michael Petrino, PTS Vice President. "WWF is now operating a reliable, energy efficient data center. With the new, energy efficient cooling solution in place, the WWF data center is able to conserve significant amounts of energy and allow the WWF to practice internally its mission of conservation of natural resources."