Nudgekluster Photosharing App Launches in iTunes and Google Play

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Nudgekluster, an innovative photo altering and sharing app, was released today on iTunes and Google Play. The app allows users to create custom images on the go and share them quickly and easily with friends and family via social media. Cartoons, comics, memes and other illustrated graphics are just a few of the images users can add to their pics.

"There are lots of funny images and photo sharing apps available," said Hugh Brown, Nudgekluster managing director. "But there hasn't been an easy way to combine the two until now."

Nudgekluster's many features allow users to layer images, text, and pre-loaded "accessories" to make a unique, sharable image. Users can select Klusters, or background images, from the Kluster Gallery which range across a wide array of styles and themes. Users can make an announcement for any occasion, from weddings to birthdays and holidays--or just for fun. By using images saved on a mobile device or the device's camera feature, users can use their own pictures as a background. To further enhance the pic, users can select a solid color backdrop with the Color Wheel feature.

Users can select foreground image from the Nudges gallery, which includes hundreds of pre-made captions, emoticons, and accessories. From glasses and beards to masks and bunny ears, users are sure to find a fun addition to their photos. To add a special message to a Nudgekluster, users can utilize the text feature, which make it possible to manipulate text color, font, justification, and emphasis. Sharing custom images with friends and family is made quick and easy when the app is linked with the social networking site, Facebook.

"This app combines the best of entertaining imagery and our increasingly connected social circles," said Brown. "We're excited to release this app out into the market."

The app is available in the iTunes store and on Google play. For more information, visit