New Year Brings Robust New Features for GC1 Peak Dialer

New Year Brings Robust New Features for GC1 Peak Dialer

Global Connect, the leading provider of cloud-based dialing and communication services, announces new enhancements to its cloud-based dialer, GC1 Peak Dialer. New GUI reporting interfaces offer enhanced views for supervisors and floor managers, while call list regeneration based on call result and call disposition provides increased dialer efficiencies.

"The start of the New Year is the perfect time for members of the collections industry to review their current call strategy to determine whether they are working with the right technology and the right partner for the right results," said Darrin Bird, Chief Operating Officer of Global Connect."As evidenced by the development of these new features, Global Connect continually works to improve the dialer experience while increasing efficiency and maximizing results. Moreover, our clients benefit from the fact that there are no strings attached, no equipment purchases or start-up expenses, and no hidden fixed costs in the form of monthly commitments or other fees."

GC1 Peak Dialer users now have access to the following new features and functionality:

Supervisor Dashboard This feature allows for a high level view of key performance indicators for dialer campaigns in progress. Dashboard provides visibility into individual or multiple locations and agent groups, as well as results by campaign. The new supervisor dashboard takes the supervisor directly to the key statistics with real time data, allowing for real time decisions.

Redesigned Administrator Dashboard The new administrator dashboard offers all relevant agent data in a single view using graphical displays that easily identify agent status or agent alerts, as well as other pertinent agent productivity data. With mouse-over functionality showing agent information such as agent ID, name, status, and more, the new dashboard allows for improved use of the computer screen, maximizing visibility for all agents logged into the GC1 Peak Dialer.

Automated Call List Regeneration Administrators can now set up predefined or ad hoc call list regeneration filters. These filters can be based on call result as well as agent disposition code, allowing for more strategic dialing of unsettled accounts.

Not only does the GC1 Peak Dialer offer these robust features designed to maximize productivity and efficiency, but it also continues to stay ahead of the compliance curve, offering features such as call recording of all calls (manual, preview, or other dialer calls), detailed reporting of all call segments, call list scrubs and account suppression based on call results, phone type, call attempts, time period of last call, state and federal time zone curfews, and a host of other built-in compliance features.