New App Targets 50 Million Unused iPhones, Turning Them Into Wireless Web Cameras and Remote Assistants

New App Targets 50 Million Unused iPhones, Turning Them Into Wireless Web Cameras and Remote Assistants

At the Consumer Electronics Show, People Power announces and demonstrates a groundbreaking smart phone app that can make millions of unused last generation iPhones and iPads into first class citizens of the emerging Internet of Things movement.

Many of us have upgraded to new iPhones or iPads and wonder what to do with our old devices. By installing the free People Power Presence app on both old and new devices, it's super easy to create a remote video camera and audio monitor for free. The old iPhone or iPad needs no cellular voice or data plan and securely communicates over the home Wi-Fi network and via secure servers to stream video and sound to the new iPhone or iPad, within the home or anywhere out in the world where it connects over 3G or 4G wireless networks.

People Power Presence gives a home its own eyes and ears, is able to capture and stream video and audio, detect motion, alert users and can make decisions according to simple rules. There's no need to first research and buy additional cameras, microphones or sensors, and no upfront cost or service fees. Other features include use of both front and back cameras, scheduling, phone flashlight remote control and much more.

The Internet of Things is a giant opportunity where billions of devices from cameras, to smart plugs and power strips, energy meters, thermostats, door sensors, locks and light switches will be connected, monitored and controlled over the Internet, and via the cloud. But getting billions of connected, compatible devices installed in consumers' homes has proved difficult and slow.

"The necessity to buy special hardware and the complexity of setting things up has delayed adoption of the Internet of Things," said Gene Wang, CEO of People Power. "We will speed adoption by pressing into service millions of old but still-smart phones to create a no-cost solution that starts small but easily expands to ultimately control many devices in the home. And People Power Presence is so supremely simple to use and setup that any smart phone user can do it on their own in minutes."

Tom Kerber, Director of Research at leading industry analyst firm Parks Associates, said, "Using an old iPhone provides a no-cost starting point for home controls. The People Power Presence App therefore brings the freemium model to home controls."

With no additional hardware than the old iPhone gathering dust in a drawer, connected over Wi-Fi, People Power Presence uses simple predefined, but customizable rules to solve everyday household problems for busy people, who wish they could be in two places at once: