Mindjet Introduces Mindjet ProjectDirector to Offer Businesses Purpose-Driven, Project-Based Collaboration

Mindjet Introduces Mindjet ProjectDirector to Offer Businesses Purpose-Driven, Project-Based Collaboration

Today Mindjet introduced Mindjet ProjectDirector, a unified project management suite for teams. Mindjet ProjectDirector combines Mindjet's mind mapping and planning capabilities, file management, and task management to give teams a way to collaborate on projects throughout the duration of a project from brainstorming on goals and gaining buy-in to managing through execution. ProjectDirector includes a virtual project management startup experience where the user is led through the step-by-step process of creating and defining a project, allowing everyone on the team to actively participate in all phases of an initiative, from idea to successful completion.

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Project Management For Everyone on Your Team
In today's changing workplace, organizations are expected to be more agile than ever and most everyone plays the role of project manager. Teams are often decentralized, cross-functional and formed to address specific problems, so projects are managed by an array of people, not just specialized project managers. With traditional project managers taking on more extensive duties, other team members are expected to take on a project management-focused role, which requires readily available tools to quickly and effectively do this.

By providing all project contributors with a clear purpose and end goal, Mindjet ProjectDirector has improved project planning while also reimagining how people share and co-edit tasks to enable more efficient communication and practical decision-making. This approach gets what's important out front your ideas and provides deep insight into deadlines and project status, ultimately taking a project from idea all the way to successful completion.

"Mindjet enhances the ability of my business users to focus on the tasks at hand without losing sight of the big picture or missing out on opportunities for meaningful, project-based collaboration," said Robert Spielvogel, CTO at Educational Development Center, Inc. "This translates into providing more overall value to our customers and partners."

Mindjet Cloud Integration
As part of Mindjet's efforts to provide customers with a practical way to put their ideas to work with project-based business collaboration, Mindjet now offers integration with the top cloud storage services, allowing customers to integrate files from external file management services into their Mindjet projects. This capability complements the services of cloud-based offerings such as Box, Dropbox, Skydrive and Google Drive, providing users of these applications with additional value beyond what they provide natively.