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Leonar3Do Unveils SDK for 3D Programming

January 8
1:23 2013
Leonar3Do Unveils SDK for 3D Programming

Leonar3Do, an award-winning provider of virtual reality (VR) offerings, today previewed a new line of software products aimed at the educational market. Dubbed Vimensio, Leonar3Do's educational products offer a new, exciting approach to teaching and learning. With the introduction of Vimensio, Leonar3Do aims to elevate learning beyond traditional 2D-based textbooks and classroom lecture. In doing so, it is the first company to offer a real 3D interactive learning and visualization environment to transform the way educators teach while introducing new capacities that broaden students' ability to learn.

In a separate announcement, the company also introduced a new mobile app that enables users to use their smartphones to convert their PC into a real-life Virtual Reality environment. Leonar3Do will be demonstrating its new products in South Hall 4, Booth #36278.

Leonar3Do represents the convergence of innovative learning technologies and tremendous educational demand, created by today's workforce challenges and global competition. The purpose of Vimensio is to provide teachers with alternative instructional approaches to educate and motivate students, so they can harness their full potential and better compete with a highly educated, skilled global workforce. According to the Gates Foundation, next generation learning models will be fundamental to addressing the educational needs and elevating educational achievement levels in order to compete in the 21st century.

Vimensio Targets Teachers, Students And 3D Professionals
Vimensio propels the boundaries to teach, learn, build and create in a new dimension. Built on top of Leonar3Do's 3D Virtual Reality system, Vimensio is comprised of an interactive 3D AppMaker and player. By offering a brand new visual perspective that enables students to interact with 3D objects in virtual space, Vimensio is facilitating teachers to take a novel approach and challenge students in an engaging way that can inspire and motivate classrooms to conceptualize and learn in ways never before possible. Currently in beta, Vimensio consists of two components:

Vimensio Edit enables users to create content and build apps via a 3D AppMaker, which allows teachers as well as students to create their own educational content without any programming knowledge. The editor will be available in two different versions; one is targeted at both educators and students, who have no coding skills, while a Pro Version is ideal for advanced 3D designers and 3D professionals, who are more proficient at coding simple scripts. The Pro Version allows advanced 3D designers and professionals to quickly build or modify 3DVR applications by modifying key functions of Vimensio (object handling, interaction, and moving) via a Python-based script interface.
Vimensio Play allows users to display and interact with the 3D content and new 3D App Store.

"Leonar3Do's vision has always been to breakout of the antiquated 2D mold and drive design innovation to empower how people can visualize, create and innovate their ideas they've imagined but in real, 3D space," stated Roland Manyai, Leonar3Do's business development and marketing director. "The introduction of Vimensio is another step closer to realizing our vision. We're thrilled to deliver to our customers an even greater ability to utilize Leonar3Do's products to tap into and foster the tremendous ingenuity and potential of teachers, students, and professionals throughout the world."

Vimensio Launches New Online 3D App Store
Leonar3Do also unveiled the first online 3D app store for distributing content that will assist and inspire teachers, who are constantly struggling in how to create new content or courseware. A complementary component of Vimensio Play is the new 3D app store that will facilitate the sharing and exchange of educational or training-related apps. The idea is to build a community to find people who can create general or highly custom content. Content creators will be encouraged to share their apps with others via a range of future contests as well as a rev-share model that Leonar3Do will rollout in the future.

Leonar3Do will be demoing a number of apps at CES, with two of them built by users.
LeoART is a unique, 3D sculpting and modeling software that lets users tap into their artistic and creative talents. Linked to a 3D printer, LeoART opens up entirely new potentential to innovate and create.
3D Parts Center allows users to assemble and disassemble cars in virtual space. Users can view cars in 3D, disassemble and visualize them and learn every detail in a virtual space envrionemnet.

Two other real-world, professional demos include a 3D training and simulation app that trains welders, and a practice and assessment application, created by a facial reconstruction doctor, which uses the 3D app to prepare for highly complex, intricate surgeries he plans to perform.

Pricing, Availability and Requirements
General availability for Vimensio is the first quarter of 2013. Pricing for Vimensio Play will be free and Vimensio Edit will cost $499 USD. Requirements to use Vimensio include Leonar3Do or HelloVR technology. Vimensio is also compatible with 3D printers.

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