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Lenovo Laptops to Use Fortemedia's Voice Processing

January 7
8:38 2013
Lenovo Laptops to Use Fortemedia's Voice Processing

Fortemedia Inc. (, the world leader in voice processing technology, today announced that Lenovo will be continuously integrating Fortemedia's technologies into their laptops. The joint development between Lenovo and Fortemedia has significantly enhanced the voice recognition experience in various usage scenarios including different noisy conditions and has exceeded relevant industry benchmarks.

The voice processing technology, SAMSoft G6, includes features like acoustic echo cancellation, ambient noise suppression, keystroke noise suppression, far-field pick-up and more. For the past several years, Fortemedia has been the voice processing technology provider for Lenovo's laptops. As of January 2013, more than 10 million Lenovo laptops integrated with Fortemedia's voice products have been shipped worldwide.

Fortemedia's voice processing technology package provides enhancements to both receiving and transmitting voice paths, and is fully integrated into Lenovo's communication utility. Fortemedia features not only help improve voice recognition, but also produce an excellent two-way video conferencing experience. "With significantly improving voice recognition for Lenovo laptops, we have again proved our leadership in voice processing technologies," said, Paul Huang, CEO and chairman of Fortemedia Inc. "We will continuously improve our technologies and provide support to Lenovo to better our VR performance."

SOURCE: BUSINESS WIRE ©2015 Business Wire


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