Kaminario Breaks Renowned SPC-1 Benchmark World Record for Performance -- Two Years Running

Kaminario Breaks Renowned SPC-1 Benchmark World Record for Performance -- Two Years Running

NEWTON, MA - Kaminario, the leading scale-out all-flash array provider, today announced that it has again broken the Storage Performance Council's SPC-1 World Record for sustained storage performance, with its fourth-generation K2 (K2 v4) array performing at 1,239,898.00 SPC-1 IOPS*. K2 v4 was also able to provide the two best SPC-1 price-performance results out of the top five at $0.80/SPC-1 IOPS**, allowing organizations to maximize the return on their investment in flash technology while also accelerating overall performance.

This year's SPC-1 benchmark was achieved using an 86TB system that incorporated SanDisk's Optimus SAS SSD drives using commercial MLC NAND flash technology, and for the second year in a row, backed by Kaminario's patent-pending Scale-Out Performance and Resilience Architecture (SPEAR). In this real-world configuration, the Kaminario K2 v4 reported an average of 10,175.70 MB/s of data throughput, while consistently performing at 1,239,898.00 SPC-1 IOPS.

Kaminario K2's ability to deliver a consistent level of maximum performance over an extended period of time was further validated by the SPC-1's Sustainability Test Run, which was executed with a 24-hour duration. The test confirmed that K2 v4 was able to maintain an average of 1,240,000.52 SPC-1 IOPS with an average data throughput of 10,176.07 MB/s.

At the core of what enabled Kaminario's K2 v4 to set a new world record for performance was the array's unique scale-out architecture purpose-built to fully optimize the power of today's flash media. Kaminario's architecture supports any mixed workload, to include OLTP real-time environments, OLAP and Big Data Analytics, in physical and virtual environments, while also providing the industry's lowest latency.

"As flash technology gains in popularity across the enterprise, customers need to assess cost, performance and manageability against the realities of explosive data growth and required real-time access," said Dani Golan, CEO of Kaminario. "Breaking the record again is a nice milestone, but what we're most proud of is our consistent, predictable performance with any mixed workload, while providing the best overall TCO in the industry."

*The Full Disclosure Report for the Kaminario K2 SPC-1 Results can be downloaded at:

** As of 10/17/2013

SPC-1 Price-Performance Audit ID - TSC Name
$0.40 A00118  Kaminario K2-D (1875K-1.1)
$0.57  A00133 Huawei OceanStor Dorado2100 G2
$0.58  A00134 HP 3PAR StoreServ 7400 Storage System
$0.67  A00063 Texas Memory Systems RamSan-400
$0.80  A00137 Kaminario model # K2F00000700