JVC Launches Mirrorlink Head Units at CES

JVC Launches Mirrorlink Head Units at CES

JVC Mobile Entertainment, a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated mobile, audio, and video products, proudly announced today the debut of two MirrorLink enabled Multimedia Receivers for Android and Symbian smartphones. The KW-NSX600 and KW-NSX700 will join existing model KW-NSX1 that was released this past December.

MirrorLink technology enables the driver Seamless integrated control right from their dashboard by syncing operation with Samsung's Galaxy S III Android Smartphone and Samsung Drive Link** Application or Nokia Symbian phones utilizing their Car Mode Application. This car-connectivity standard duplicates the phone/app display screens onto the head unit's monitor and allows the user to access their phone apps that have been optimized for in-car use, creating a safer and more streamlined driving experience. The technology provides a user-friendly gateway to access apps for music playback, car navigation, and hands-free telephone communication.

Available now in the Samsung App** as well as the Nokia Store, key features of the Drive Link** and Car Mode MirrorLink applications enable the user to easily access playback and control of music and music apps, voice-calling functions, car navigation and various Google location options such as Maps and Street View.


The Samsung Car Mode application, "Drive Link," groups individual apps into three easily accessible categories -"Music", "Location", and "Phone." Selecting a particular category places car navigation, entertainment and hands-free phone communication quickly within reach. Similarly, the Nokia "Car Mode with MirrorLink" applications are grouped in three categories -"Call", "Drive", and "Music."

MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) (KW-NSX700, KW-NSX600)

Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) is an industry standard for a mobile audio/video interface for directly connecting mobile phones and other portable consumer electronics (CE) devices in-dash vehicle receivers and in-home CE display devices. The MHL standard features a Micro-USB cable to support - high-definition (HD) video and digital audio while simultaneously charging the connected device. Both the KW-NSX700 and KW-NSX600 allow inputs from MHL enabled cell phones for video playback.

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