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Madrid continued: “The GAHCC invests in lifting Latina and Latino entrepreneurs in our ‘land of the free, home of the brave’. There are countless Hispanic success stories dotted with accounts of lack of funding, struggles to be competitive and slow access to real business opportunities with larger corporations. This is not just about empowering Hispanic-owned firms with equal access to networking, continued education, mentorship, and funding and investment. This is not just about keeping the concept of the American dream (sustainable income, equal access to growth, et al) alive. As well, it is about cultivating economic development opportunities, such as a viable, healthy, and thriving relationship with Mexico, Texas' number one trading partner.

Hispanic-American and foreign-born business owners are part of the American dream. They are actively contributing the U.S. economy in an exponential fashion. At a growth rate higher than any other discernable demographic, Hispanic business owners are real drivers of the American economy.”

VIP sponsors for the GAHCC luncheon include International Accelerator (IA) and TxMx. IA is dedicated to helping non-U.S. citizen entrepreneurs set up their U.S. company, give it an ‘American look-and-feel’, and lay a sturdy foundation to build a global business. TxMx is an association of entrepreneurs in Texas and Mexico that work together to achieve positive changes in the business, political and social arena. TxMx was conceived to identify, assist and support government and non-government initiatives on their objectives with cross-border impact, through the influence and knowledge of its members. “The GAHCC is a world-class organization, with which we share common goals and a game-changing philosophy to drive business, respect and impact,” states Luis Campos, TxMx Co-Founder and Chair.

Additional sponsors include the Consulado General de México en Austin, Univision Communications Inc. and iTexico.

About the GAHCC:

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