GenArts Expanding Into Social Video with Vivoom Video Enhancer

GenArts Expanding Into Social Video with Vivoom Video Enhancer

GenArts, Inc., the global leader in specialized visual effects software, today announced its entrance into the social video market with Vivoom-a simple but powerful video enhancer. Vivoom is designed to inspire social networkers to share the video they are capturing, some eight-billion-plus videos that went unshared last year. Vivoom lets anyone fix, style, and personalize from within social networking sites, blogs and video sharing sites. For the first time, everyone can make every video look measurably better, every time. Vivoom's enhancer will debut with its first partner, a major video-sharing site, shortly. A standalone application for web and mobile will be available this spring.

Vivoom makes everyone want to share the video they've already captured because it improves the quality of each video. Enabling consumers to improve quality is critical to unlocking social video: more than 80 percent of social networkers would share the video they take if they could easily make it look "good." Vivoom offers a fun and engaging experience that produces superior results, so people are more likely to share their video and viewers will watch it for longer.

"Making video look good is a really complex problem," says Katherine Hays, CEO of Vivoom. "But we've found that quality is absolutely critical for people to be willing to share the video they capture and for their friends and family to be excited to watch. Consumers can see the difference in quality and it matters. For video, there are two critical dimensions of quality: one is measurable and influences behavior; the other is highly subjective and dictated by personal style. For social video to take off, a solution needs to solve for both."

That seemingly small difference in quality has a dramatic effect on social video sharing. Today, the average person has nearly 20 videos on their phones that they have taken but never shared because they simply don't look good enough. Vivoom measurably improves the quality of these videos and motivates consumers to share them. After enhancing with Vivoom, more than 90% of consumers actually share the video they create and viewers watch those videos 20-40% longer. As a result, viewers are more likely to comment or "like" Vivoom videos, giving users the social payoff they want while inspiring a virtual cycle of video sharing.

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