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Enjoy Exceptional Chinese Brands with DinoBulk

October 14
10:43 2013
Enjoy Exceptional Chinese Brands with DinoBulk

HONG KONG, Oct. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ China has long been labeled as the "world factory" as it is the largest manufacturing base in the world. The Chinese government has sped up the structural transformation known as "the economic upgrade," focusing on building a technology-driven and innovation-centered economy.

People have witnessed impressive achievements made by some Chinese companies that are no less exceptional than their US competitors. Xiaomi, a rising star of the smartphone industry, has become a best seller with a market share second only to Samsung and Apple.

DinoBulk, a subsidiary of DinoDirect China Limited, sets out to share Chinese brands with the whole world; it offers the world high-quality, inexpensive Chinese goods. Companies like Xiaomi, Lenovo, and Huawei represent the future direction of the Chinese manufacturing industry that combines innovative power with cheap labor force. It makes the products not only technological competitive but also sold at a reasonable price.

DinoBulk provides all kinds of Chinese smartphones. They are comparable to other name brands in terms of design as well as functions. More importantly, they are sold at a rather reasonable price. People with a limited budget may find these as the best choices. In addition to the low price, DinoBulk also offers dropshipping that saves you the trouble of transnational shipping and stocking. For wholesalers, all you have to do is sell the products, leaving everything else to DinoBulk.

SOURCE DinoDirect China Limited

Enjoy Exceptional Chinese Brands with DinoBulk


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