Reports Hiring Surge As Job Postings Nearly Double

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WALTHAM, Mass., Dec. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ The bustling holiday season brings with it a unique set of care-related challenges for families and businesses, creating a wealth of opportunities for caregivers right into the New Year, according to (, the largest online care destination in the world.

Based on data from last year, anticipates that caregiving will once again be a hot industry over the next few months. In the U.S., from December 2012 to January 2013, noted an extraordinary spike 99% as nearly twice as many new jobs were posted across the board from child care, housekeeping and pet care, to senior care and special needs care. Child care saw the biggest jump in employment opportunities at 104%, while senior care came in a close second at 100%.

For caregivers, the online job search can be overwhelming especially if you work in a specialized field, such as child care or senior care, because generic job boards lack an industry-focus often yielding few or inaccurate leads. At, job opportunities are plentiful with families or companies providing care services, like day care centers, senior home care agencies, tutoring centers and pet care businesses.

"Timing plays a big role when pursuing a new job," said Donna Levin, co-founder and VP of Operations, "According to our data, caregivers are in great demand beginning at the holidays and continuing on well into the New Year, as both families and businesses are in search of care. In addition to aggregating job opportunities for caregivers, we provide resources such as articles, a Pay Calculator, a sample nanny contract and the ability to accept credit card payments via our website to assist them through all the steps of finding and keeping a new job."

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