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Appcelerator Acquires Singly, Expanding Capabilities to Mobilize Any Data Source

August 22
12:08 2013
Appcelerator Acquires Singly, Expanding Capabilities to Mobilize Any Data Source

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - Appcelerator®, the leading mobile platform company, announced today that it has acquired Singly, a Silicon Valley innovator in API integration management. The acquisition bolsters Appcelerator's capabilities for opening data sources to make them readily consumable by mobile apps running on any device.

"APIs are the lifeblood of mobility, giving developers access to the data and services needed to build amazing apps," explained Jeff Haynie, CEO of Appcelerator. "With Singly's API integration management joined to the Appcelerator product line, customers can much more easily unlock public and enterprise data sources, making available a rich layer of services on which to build transformative native apps that run on any device."

To access data sources and services, mobile apps require a different programming interface than traditional web applications. Mobile APIs must deliver payloads optimized for consumption on smaller screens, and must translate traditional interface formats such as XML into modern ones such as JSON. Battery and bandwidth considerations drive the need for rate limiting as well.

Singly's chief aim is delivering data portability for mobile. The company's DataFabric product normalizes data on behalf of the apps it serves, functioning as an abstraction layer for a large number of APIs, including LinkedIn, Yammer, PayPal, DropBox, Google Calendar, Facebook, Twitter and many others. This abstraction layer also shields developers from having to adjust their apps every time something changes in one of these underlying APIs. Singly also provides a palette of pre-built API integrations, and will soon release an SDK so developers can easily develop their own. These capabilities, in conjunction with Appcelerator's portfolio of pre-built mobile cloud services, dramatically reduce the time, complexity and cost of connecting apps to both public and private services and data sources.


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