10Gbps MMW Link Installed on 10 km Distance by Moscow ISP

10Gbps MMW Link Installed on 10 km Distance by Moscow ISP Fiord is a well-known ISP company in Moscow region, and provides wideband Internet connection to city businesses and residential areas. During the recent upgrade of network infrastructure, Fiord decided to install a 10 Gbps outdoor millimeter wave radio link for the connection of a newly serviced residential area. The fiber optics alternative was also considered, but postponed, as it required much more time for installation. In busy cities like Moscow, fiber optics is usually installed in ducts underground, but digging in the frozen ground is hard to do and expensive during the winter.

The PPC-10G broadband link provides full-duplex data rates of up to 10 Gbps in a single, zero-footprint, all-outdoor solution. Among ISP application like in the case of Fiord company, the link is intended for Security/Safe City applications, 4G/LTE Backhaul, Corporate Campus Networks, IPTV.

10 Gigabit millimeter wave (MMW) technology is the best choice for wireless connectivity on distances over 1 mile where free-space optics becomes unreliable, especially in situation if fiber optics is not unavailable or too expensive. More over, an additional benefit of PPC-10G is the fact that radio units are installed on sites owned by the customer, therefore bringing the connectivity under full control and management of the user and not dependable on fiber optics operator.

An additional advantage of millimeter wave technology is that up to four PPC-10G parallel links may be installed at the same point-to-point locations, and aggregated into one 40 Gbps channel with no mutual interference. PPC-10G utilizes Ethernet protocol, which is the evolving standard for switches and routers available from a variety of telecommunication equipment manufacturers.

“Right now, the PPC-10G link has been installed on 10.2 km distance. Probably, this case is the longest E-band 10 Gigabit wireless link installation in the world,” said Ilya Popov, Fiord’s CIO. “Snow and minus-degree weather is not a problem at all for this millimeter wave radio. We have remote control and monitoring to link’s transceiver components, and see that temperature inside the radio cases is within the allowed limits. We also enjoy that link manufacturing facility is in St.Petersburg that is within 1 hour flight, and we could rely on fast service support.”

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