Chef Spotlight: Carlo Filippone of ELITE LIFESTYLE CUISINE

Chef Spotlight: Carlo Filippone of ELITE LIFESTYLE CUISINE

What culinary styles have influenced your career?

Having Sicilian parents and a Sicilian background have definitely influenced my career and offerings. Many of our meals are healthy, balanced renditions of traditional Italian dishes, like our turkey meatballs (a fan favorite) over brown rice. And while Italian cuisine is generally very healthy, I have also been influenced by my bodybuilding diet, so those principles are also applied with the meals we cook for Elite Lifestyle Cuisine.

What do you consider the most distinguishing features of your work as a chef?

The combination of being a national bodybuilding champion and coming from an Italian, food-loving family has a lot to do with my culinary approach. Bodybuilding is so disciplined and you realize how important your diet is when it comes to achieving your goals. I also love all of the flavors and sauces in traditional Italian cuisine. So I set out to create a product line that was tasteful, well-balanced and convenient.

What is your favorite meal?

Hands down my turkey meatballs over brown rice. A little bit of an Italian flare but every bit a delicious, healthy and balanced meal of proteins and grains.

Tell me a little bit about your company for our readers.

Our Elite Lifestyle Cuisine retail center includes an area where customers can come in and dine with us - and there is also a countertop area where they can purchase meals to take home.

Our kitchen, where we create all of the meals for in-store and delivery, is in the back of our center, and we love to invite customers to see how we create the meal line. It's a very family-friendly atmosphere where everyone who walks through the door is like our family. We also feature our full line of supplements and protein drinks here.

Elite Lifestyle Cuisine is based in Fairview, New Jersey. Call them at 201.943.7121 and visit their web site at

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Elite Lifestyle Cuisine


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