Zagster and Roseland Offers Bike Sharing to New Jersey Apartments

Zagster and Roseland Offers Bike Sharing to New Jersey Apartments

Zagster, a company that provides bikes-as-a-service, today announced it has partnered with Roseland to offer a bike sharing program to residents of six luxury apartment communities in Jersey City and Boston. Residents can reserve and ride comfortable, city-friendly cruiser bikes for just $9/day or unlimited rides for $29.95/month or $49.95/year, offering them a healthy, convenient and fun way to run errands, go to class, visit friends, or attend business meetings.

"Bike sharing continues to expand nationally as major cities invest in infrastructure, bike lanes, and city-wide programs," said Timothy Ericson, co-founder and CEO of Zagster. "Zagster gives real estate companies a competitive edge and enables them to leverage these investments to offer tenants maximum convenience."

There will be 48 bikes available on-demand for the residents of each of the six Roseland apartment communities, for up to a full day's use. Each bike contains a bike lock with the key stored inside a lock box. After joining Zagster at riders simply text 'start' plus the bike number (e.g. 'start 46') to a phone number. A confirmation message with the access code for the lock box is texted back. This action reserves the bike for the remainder of the day or until the bike is returned. Riders can text "end" to the same number, which releases the bike for the next rider.

Four of the six properties have been launched Monaco and Marbella in Jersey City, NJ and the Harborview (Charlestown) and Quarrystone (Malden) in Massachusetts. Additional properties in New Jersey and Massachusetts will be added in the coming weeks.

Zagster offers riders the Breezer Uptown, an award winning bike known for its light weight, yet durable construction, specifically designed for city riding. All bikes will be located on property in garages or parking structures and will be equipped with spacious baskets for transporting groceries, take out, or goodies from neighborhood retailers. With an attached flexible lock, riders can park their bikes wherever they want, allowing the ultimate in convenience.

Throughout its existence, Roseland has remained true to its core business of creating world-class communities that provide outstanding living environments for its residents. Whether it's an urban waterfront high-rise or a smart-growth transit village, an historic conversion or an environmentally sensitive "green" building, Roseland's award-winning properties reflect the company's steadfast focus on "the big picture" developing dynamic residential settings suited to sophisticated residents' lifestyle needs with extraordinary service.

"We're seeing an increase in the number of current and prospective residents inquiring about the availability of bike programs at our properties," said Brenda Cioce, President of Roseland Residential Services. "Zagster's turnkey and cost effective model allows us to meet this demand with minimal impact on our team members."