Fit Body Boot Camp Hosts Clothing Drive to Donate to Local Charity

Sean Barker, local fitness expert, certified KV personal trainer and owner of the fitness boot camp business, KV Fit Body Boot Camp, is used to helping his clients weigh in. But Barker recently found a new way to use the scale for a much different purpose; weighing the clothes his clients donated for the KV Fit Body Boot Camp Annual Clothing Drive. The total: 218 pounds of clothing that the clients of the fitness boot camp business could no longer wear but others in the community needed.

"The biggest complaint we get from clients is that their clothes are falling off of them," says Barker, "so I decided we ought to do something about that." That's how Barker came up with the idea to enlist his clients to gather all of their too-large clothing and bring it into the KV Fit Body Boot Camp to be donated to a local branch of the Salvation Army.

"One of our long-term clients runs a local branch of the Salvation Army," Barker explains, "and I knew that clothing donations help to raise much-needed funds for the organization and that clothing is also distributed to families in need. The Salvation Army is a terrific help to the community and I knew we could feel good about contributing."

Feeling good is a primary focus of the KV Fit Body Boot Camp, where clients are put through short but very intense workouts to help them lose weight, strengthen their bodies, and improve their overall health.

"Our clients really love our fun and challenging workouts. They say the workouts give them a new energy that is extremely addictive," says Barker.