DeliverLean Launches Vegan Meal Plan With SexyFitVegan Ella Magers

DeliverLean Launches Vegan Meal Plan With SexyFitVegan Ella Magers

DeliverLean, South Florida's premiere gourmet diet delivery service, has teamed up with SexyFitVeganTM Ella Magers to create a deliciously healthy vegan program. The company now offers perfectly portioned, calorie-controlled gourmet vegan meals that are prepared by executive chefs and packed with fresh fruits, vegetables, complex carbs and lean, plant-based protein sources. As with all other DeliverLean offerings, this new service offers affordable, healthy meals that are hand-delivered straight to clients' homes or offices.

Paying homage to the hot vegan trend sweeping the country, the SexyFitVegan Approved DeliverLean meal plan kicks off in October 2013. DeliverLean Executive Chefs James Donato and Andrew Whiteman created the plan in conjunction with Magers. Ranging between 750 -1200 calories per day (250-400 per meal), the plant-based, environmentally conscious and mostly organic vegan plan avoids the "Dirty Dozen."

The plan is available in two, four or eight week blocks. It focuses on breakfast, lunch and dinner, with an optional cold-pressed organic juice from DeliverLean's sister company, OnJuice. Sample breakfast offerings include a cultured coconut parfait with pineapple, walnuts, hemp seeds; a tofu scramble, southwest style with black beans, peppers, onions and sliced tomato or an open-face sandwich on Ezekiel bread with tempeh bacon, lettuce, tomato and low fat veganaise. Lunch options include Thai lettuce wraps with peanut dipping sauce; a large salad comprised of greens, portabella mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, artichokes, pine nuts and balsamic or a veggie burger salad featuring a sun burger, greens, tomato, cucumber, and avocado with an olive oil and herb vinaigrette. Dinner offerings include roasted whole peppers stuffed with beans, quinoa and mushrooms; a raw nori roll with seaweed salad or curried green lentils with roasted root vegetables.

"The great part about the SexyFitVegan DeliverLean plan is that it creates a smooth transition for people wanting to start in the direction of enjoying the vast health benefits of going vegan without being overwhelmed by the process," shares DeliverLean brand ambassador Magers.

Priced from $9.95 - $11.95 per meal depending on length of commitment, the program offers a healthy, convenient and affordable option to ease customers into a sexy, fit and healthy vegan lifestyle. DeliverLean will be promoting a limited time special offer to encourage sign up. Sign up for a four week plan at $7.95 per meal (regularly $10.95 per meal) and get two days FREE. Go to for more information.

About Ella Magers

Ella Magers began participating in sports at the age of five and, as an avid animal lover, stopped eating meat at the age of seven. The Miami Beach resident launched in 2013 to support a broader population of people in their transformation to a plant-based diet and active lifestyle. The 17-year vegan-veteran is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach. She has a Masters in Social Work and is working on a Doctorate in Holistic Sports Nutrition. An authority on health and fitness, Magers was most recently named Personal Trainer of the Month on Her passion for helping people transform their lives, combined with her compassion for animals, and her fighter spirit lays the foundation for her SexyFitVegan philosophy of understanding the body from the inside out. On her website, Magers gives people the tools they will need on their journey in the form of newsletters, ebooks, sample meal plans, product reviews, recipes, tips, and more. For more information visit