BWW Weighs In: What Every Pregnant Ninja Needs to Know About Their Fitness by Amanda Ting

BWW Weighs In: What Every Pregnant Ninja Needs to Know About Their Fitness by Amanda Ting

Historically, women have been advised to stop exercising when they became pregnant, with many physicians and healthcare professionals treating pregnancy as an illness or disability. Women were also told to increase their caloric intake, creating a system set up for elevated maternal weight and subsequent obesity. DA FUQ?

BWW Weighs In: What Every Pregnant Ninja Needs to Know About Their Fitness by Amanda Ting

In recent committee opinions published by The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) as well as the Journal of the American Medical Association (in 2015 and 2017), guidelines for physical activity in pregnancy and the postpartum period were detailed with corresponding research to encourage women with uncomplicated pregnancies to continue exercising before, during, and after pregnancy with proper supervision of their physician. It has also been shown that it's healthy to begin an exercise program during pregnancy.

As with any exercise program, it's important to consult with your obstetrician or healthcare provider before beginning any physical activity. In most uncomplicated pregnancies, it is heavily encouraged to maintain or begin an exercise regime as well as a healthy and balanced diet.

Why Do I Need to Stay Fit While Preggers?

BWW Weighs In: What Every Pregnant Ninja Needs to Know About Their Fitness by Amanda Ting

Sadly, no ACOG studies have linked exercising during pregnancy to slaying like Queen Bey. Yet.

The benefits to exercising during pregnancy far outweigh the risks to mom and baby and, more often than not, yields better overall health in both.

Prior to 1985 and the first committee opinion on exercise during pregnancy by ACOG, advisement against exercise was based on the thought that exercise may cause pre-term births or excess stress to the baby.

A study in 2016 published by ACOG revealed that there is no association between exercising throughout pregnancy and preterm birth or low birth weight. Multiple studies have uncovered minimal changes in fetal heartrate during exercise, only 10-30 beats per minute. Moral of the story: KEEP EXERCISING!

Benefits of exercising while pregnant for Ninjamom and Ninjakid include:

  • Improved or maintained physical fitness
  • Prevention of excessive weight gain
  • Decreased risk of gestational diabetes, surgical deliveries (cesarean or operative vaginal), pre-eclampsia, low back pain, incontinence
  • Improved recovery time following delivery
  • Decreased glucose levels in women with gestational diabetes mellitus
  • Improved psychological well-being (less stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression)

Should I Exercise Less?

The Department of Health and Human Services's recommended amount of physical activity for any healthy woman is 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity per week or 20-30 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity on most days of the week.

Guess what? This recommendation remains unchanged for women who are pregnant a.k.a. Ninjamoms who are with Ninjachild. HUZZAH! Exercising should be completed in a climate-controlled area to prevent overheating, and Ninjamoms should eat a snack before working out to prevent any drops in blood sugar.

How Hard Should I Get After It?

BWW Weighs In: What Every Pregnant Ninja Needs to Know About Their Fitness by Amanda Ting

So you're going to keep working out, but what the hell is moderate intensity? In these sorts of guidelines, intensity typically refers to a heart rate range. However, during pregnancy heart rate is not always the best indicator due to the cardiovascular changes that come with growing a Ninjakid.

An easy way to gauge the intensity and the amount of work being done is by using the Talk Test, being able to hold a conversation while completing the workout. If you can talk and complete the exercise, chances are you're not overexerting.

What Kind of Moves Are Best?

As far as the types of exercise, low impact activities such as walking, jogging, yoga, pilates, and strength training (FUCK YES) are all recommended with modifications as needed.

Activities with increased risk of falling, contact sports, scuba diving, and activities performed in a hot environment like hot yoga or hot pilates should be avoided.

Most healthcare providers also advise against beginning an intense training program while pregnant, such as training for a marathon or a powerlifting meet.

Do I Need to Modify My Workouts?

So now comes the creative arts and crafts portion of our show! How does a Ninjamom need to modify exercises to make them the most effective and safe?

BWW Weighs In: What Every Pregnant Ninja Needs to Know About Their Fitness by Amanda Ting

As your pregnancy progresses and the Ninjakid grows, it will be a constant collaboration between your doctor's recommendations, your trainer's program for you, and most importantly, YOU! Your wellbeing is the biggest factor in this equation as you are truly the expert of your own body.

Through the duration of your pregnancy, there are a few recommendations that remain consistent:

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