BWW Blog: Emily Fletcher - You Are Stronger Than Your Resistance

BWW Blog: Emily Fletcher - You Are Stronger Than Your Resistance

I want you to take a second and get really honest, think back to December 31st of 2016. Maybe you did an afternoon of journaling. Maybe you simply made a few 'notes to self' on the notepad app on your iPhone. Either way, I want you to think about your intentions, goals, and resolutions that you set for yourself, now ask, "How much action have I taken so far this year to make this happen?"

If the answer is 'not enough', then we've got to talk. And what we've got to talk about is resistance.

What is resistance? Resistance is the thing that keeps you from doing the stuff you know you're on this planet to do.

Now I get that we are all multi-passionate, and we probably have lots of things we want to do. All of us want to look super hot. All of us want to finish writing that script. All of us want to make it to three auditions a day. All of us want to finally book that job. But there's one problem- not many of us do the work it takes to get there.

So... why not?

The answer? Resistance.

What is resistance? It is not fear of failure. For most of us it is fear of success.

Many of us think that hesitation comes from our fear of failure. We're afraid that we will start a project that may not work then everyone will judge us for trying and failing.

I'm suggesting is that resistance is actually our fear of success. Success can be far more terrifying than failure because if we actually write that play, if we actually go to the gym every day, if we actually book that job... Then what?

If we achieve success then we get held accountable to that. Not just by ourselves- but by our friends, our families, or even strangers will now expect us to live up to this new level of greatness. There is a story that plays in the mind that tells us people won't like us if we really step into our full power.

That kind of pressure or expectation can make you never want to begin. But hear me when I say this. Stagnation is far more dangerous than creation. The ever repeating known is the most dangerous place there is. Yes, creating things is hard work, birthing things can be painful. The more you want it, the more resistance usually shows up. Do it anyway.

BWW Blog: Emily Fletcher - You Are Stronger Than Your Resistance

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Emily Fletcher Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva Meditation & creator of zivaMIND online meditation training. Her 10 years of training begin in Rishikesh, India. Emily was inspired to share this practice with others after experiencing the profound physical and mental benefits it provided her during her career on Broadway, which included roles in Chicago, The Producers, and A Chorus Line.

Now regarded as one of the leading experts in meditation, Emily has helped over 2,8000 high performers integrate this practice into their fast-paced, modern lives. Emily has been invited to teach at innovative organizations like Google, Barclays Bank, Viacom, Relativity Media, sweetgreen, Awesomeness Fest, Summit Series, and The Omega Center. Ziva was recently featured in The New York Times and Elle Magazine.