Win a Winter Wardrobe Styled by Christian Siriano

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Win a Winter Wardrobe Styled by Christian Siriano

Procter and Gamble's Bounce, the number one selling dryer-added fabric softener brand, is offering one lucky American the chance to win a new winter wardrobe, styled by designer Christian Siriano. Bounce knows that everyone has had an embarrassing fashion moment that they'd like to forget-especially during the winter months when static cling on tights, skirts and other clothing items can ruin an all-important look at the most inopportune time. Beginning on February 5thAmericans can share their most unforgettable fashion moments, including static cling mishaps, by entering the Bounce dryer bar "Stick it and Forget it" sweepstakes.

According to a P&G survey of 75 women, 81% said that they would like to find a solution to pesky static cling. Luckily, the Bounce dryer bar is a fabric softener product that provides freshness, softness and static control for months at a time. Consumers can simply attach the bar to the drum of their dryer and get all of the benefits of Bounce - helping ensure that they'll reduce the chances of having another fashion moment they'd like to forget.

"P&G has conducted over five years of advanced research, development and testing before cracking the code to create a way to automatically add fabric softener to laundry," said Charlene Butcher, Bounce's Brand Manager. "The Bounce dryer bar provides even and consistent benefits for about two or four months, depending on the size of the bar, frequency of use and dryer settings. We are excited about helping people to literally 'stick it and forget it' - reducing static cling in their wardrobes this season."

Consumers can enter the Bounce dryer bar "Stick it and Forget it" sweepstakes by liking the Bounce Facebook page, going to the sweepstakes thumbnail, reading the rules, and sharing their most unforgettable fashion moments. The sweepstakes will run on the Bounce Facebook page,, between February 5th and February 26th. The lucky winner will be announced by March 8th.

Sweepstakes to Be Kicked Off in New York City with Christian Siriano

The Bounce dryer bar "Stick it and Forget it" sweepstakes will be officially launched with a special winter style event in New York City. On February 5th, Bounce will host a kick-off event with Christian Siriano to provide winter style tips, including how to reduce static cling with the Bounce Dryer Bar. Attendees will be able to enter the sweepstakes on-site, learn about the benefits of the Bounce Dryer Bar while enjoying a live DJ, project demo, photo opportunities, and gift bags. Designer Christian Siriano, who will serve as the event host, will share the benefits of the Bounce Dryer Bar and other winter style tips with attendees. The Christian Siriano collection can be found at department stores and specialty boutiques around the globe and he recently opened his first flagship store on Elizabeth Street in New York City. He will show his milestone 10th Ready To Wear collection next week at New York Fashion Week.

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