William Henry Celebrates 15th Anniversary With Swarovski Gem Collection

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William Henry Celebrates 15th Anniversary With Swarovski Gem Collection

For 15 years, William Henry has been redefining the luxury accessories world for men by turning functional tools such as pocketknives, money clips, divot tools and writing instruments into inimitable expressions of personal style. In celebration of its momentous anniversary, the brand will delve even deeper into the luxury world through a unique partnership with Swarovski Gemstones.

The limited edition collection includea three 50-piece pocketknife styles set with Swarovski Black Spinel, Swarovski Citrine, and Swarovski Sapphires. Each model of the 150-piece collection features a hand-forged ‘mosaic’ Damascus Steel Blade and 600 hand-set premium quality genuine gemstones. This new collection is a testament to William Henry’s quest for inspired creations that can express the distinctive and multi-faceted individuality of its owner.

“I design and build to the limit of my imagination,” says founder Matt Conable. “Each of the pieces we conceive and execute must be flawless in function and superior in artistry, which is why our creations are so appealing to our clients. Not only are they functional and useful instruments, but they’re immediately distinctive and rare objects, imbued with the personality and individuality that strike a personal chord with their owners.”

Swarovski Gems set the world of jewels and gems alight. Cut and polished in Swarovski’s own factories, the most sophisticated technology and advanced research and development are used to maintain strictest standards. Swarovski Black Spinel, a fascinating stone of immense beauty, is cut with optimized proportions from only the best rough stone. Swarovski Citrine is a sparkling gemstone that is full of light and was once thought to protect the wearer against various evils. Swarovski Sapphires, the hardest mineral after diamonds, are precision-cut and polished to transcend the unfading dedication to brilliance.

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