Vegas Beauty Unbound Hosting Mane, Style, & Face Forum

Vegas Beauty Unbound Hosting Mane, Style, & Face Forum

Vegas Beauty Unbound is hosting a two-day Mane, Style & Face Forum at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas from October 20, 2012 to October 21, 2012 covering style and fashion in a diverse array of topics.

This two-day forum is a ground breaking educational opportunity for attendees and contenders alike to learn about techniques, global trends, and social media for the beauty industry from industry experts and knowledgeable speakers. The forum will also feature green, trend and breakthrough products of the new generation of beauty.

Speakers at the event include Leatrice Eisman, an international color guru and author, Michelle Lipszyc, Principal Industry Analyst, Home & Personal Care for Google, Frederick Vallaeys, an online marketing expert, and Peter Anthony, CEO and Founder of

Distinct to the Mane, Style & Face Forum is the Art & Beauty Unbound Student Competition in search of rising talent and the Michael Angelo of beauty. Talented students of Art and Beauty will test their skills while forming astounding creations at the Art & Beauty Unbound Student Competition where onlookers will appreciate and support the students.

“What an exciting opportunity for young talent to prove their skills,” said Kim V?, Vegas Beauty Unbound: Battle of the Strands 2012 Host and Celebrity Hair Stylist. “When combined with the student competition, the Mane, Style & Face Forum will be a powerhouse exhibit filled with industry experts, companies, celebrities and more ready to educate each other and share each other’s stories on their industry and styling experiences.”

The Art & Beauty Unbound Student Competition was created for Vegas Beauty Unbound with a mission to nourish the seeds of an artist within every student of art, fashion design and cosmetology in an area of social media and digital technology. To be a part of this competition, digital art students (web, audio, video, graphic design, & fashion) and beauty students (hair & makeup and cosmetology) must choose a team of three and create a video representing their artistic creation through a medium that drives them, and presents Las Vegas in a new and compelling way. Video entries will be judged by a panel of judges who have presented extreme creativity and extreme passion above the rest. Finalists will be combined to form five teams, and together they will create a final showcase. Their work will then be displayed at the Mane, Style, & Face Forum where their entries will be judged by prominent industry judges, respected corporations and the public, who will come to view the exhibits through site voting.