Tulisan Totes Expand Into American Market

Tulisan Totes Expand Into American Market

Tulisan, a collection of handmade, artist-illustrated prints that are applied to bags, totes and household accessories, announced its expansion into the U.S.  The line enters the American market, following tremendous success in Jakarta, Indonesia, with a vibrant collection of products based on the original illustrations of Tulisan's founder and award-winning creative director, Melissa Sunjaya.

"It is a dream come true to bring Tulisan to the U.S.," said Melissa Sunjaya, Founder and Creative Director of Tulisan. "We are deeply committed to delivering excellence in design and take great care in the craftsmanship of every product we make. With a process of eight steps that go into each design - from inspiration collecting and story development to the meticulous screening process, a new collection emerges - it is truly a labor of love."

Imbuing her works with a great sense of emotion, the element of storytelling is an essential component of Sunjaya's whimsical and illustrative designs. The two collections launching in the U.S., Celosia Cristata and Marigold are continuations of Tulisan's previous and most popular works, Les Papillons de Victor and The Secret Garden of Admiral Kasarung, released originally in Jakarta, January 2010.

As with all Tulisan collections, Celosia Cristata and Marigold, each have a unique story to tell: 

    • Celosia Cristata is the Latin name of the flower used in Melissa's The Secret Garden of Admiral Kasarung collection. While delicate and sophisticated in its appearance, the Celosia Cristata is actually quite hearty and resilient. The flower grows beautifully indoors and out and was selected for its symbolism, representing the strength and beauty that lies within.
  •  Marigold is a derivation of the children's book "Les Papillons de Victor" in which Sunjaya collaborated with a French writer, Virginie Kasse, to do the illustrations for the book. Marigold, also known as Calendula, was chosen to symbolize sacred love and affection, a theme that largely shapes the storyline of "Les Papillons de Victor."

The collections feature a multitude of playful, vibrant colors with a total of ten distinct palettes shared between the two designs. The color selections embody Sunjaya's signature style: pairing bold, rich colors with their complementing hues to illuminate a detailed narrative.