Time and Gems Annual Luxury Watch Sale Begins this Weekend

Time and Gems Annual Luxury Watch Sale Begins this Weekend

Time and Gems announced their annual Fall Into Luxury Sales Event, with one time offers on luxury watch brands, starts Saturday September 29th.  Time and Gems is a large online retail website for luxury watches included Rolex, Omega and Cartier.  Originating in Los Angeles in 1997, Time and Gems is known as the go-to showroom for celebrities to acquire the latest trend worthy luxury watches.

Time and Gems' VP of Business Development, Alex Morano, notes, "Our Fall Into Luxury Sale Sales Event is a great time to get the luxury watch you’ve been waiting for. All clients can get great savings on watches this week. The great thing is that the majority of our collection is certified pre-owned, which make them affordable to most people interested in a lasting investment. They are all restored to factory mint condition and include 100% authentic appraisal papers plus our industry standard warranty."

A few of the most popular luxury watches for the annual T&G wholesale event include:

1.    Men's Rolex Two-Tone White Stick Dial Fluted Bezel Oyster Band Datejust 
2.    Men's Rolex Mother Of Pearl Diamond Dial Beadset Bezel Day Date Super President 
3.    Men's Rolex Two-Tone Black Diamond Dial Fluted Bezel Datejust 
4.    Men's Rolex Stainless Steel Black Roman Dial Beadset Bezel President Style Band Datejust

Time and Gems recently catered to celebrity Sylvester Stallone, offering him a black DLC finish to his Rolex Daytona, Rolex GMT Master and other luxury watch. Morano continues with, "Our Fall Into Luxury Sale Sales Event sale has already brought in significant inquiries and exposure. In our business, we strive to ensure the best customer service on all transactions. That is why we've been name the #1 in online luxury watch customer service for 2010 by numerous prestigious online watch forums."