Stefanie Rycraft Jones Hosts STYLE DIARIES For Fashion One, Beg. Today

Stefanie Rycraft Jones Hosts STYLE DIARIES For Fashion One, Beg. Today

Fashion One, the premiere international channel for fashion, entertainment and lifestyle channel, brings another installment of the Stefanie's Style Diaries fashionista travelogue. Fashion correspondent Stefanie Rycraft Jones gears up for one of the biggest fashion events of the year, London Fashion Week. In doing so, she travels to the picturesque island of Lanzarote for a much-needed retreat in one of the world's most exclusive resorts, Club La Santa. Let us experience the sights and sounds the Spanish island has to offer in this 2-part mini series. From fitness activities, exotic dishes, island lifestyle, beautiful landscapes and everything in between, this is Stefanie's Style Diaries: Lanzarote.

Born through fiery eruptions, Lanzarote's breathtaking surroundings nestles one of the most renowned holiday resorts in the world, Club La Santa. The club has been a favorite getaway spot for sports enthusiasts, celebrities, holidaymakers and athletes as they enjoy the relaxed and luxurious setting paired up with more than 30 different fitness and sports activities to choose from, for people who live or crave an active and healthy lifestyle. Club La Santa sets the perfect venue for Stefanie's 'Fitness Bootcamp' as she teams up with the 'trainers of the stars', Transformers Fitness Group, with the aim to sculpt her body in time for the dizzying spectacle of London Fashion Week. For a full body blitz, Stefanie will learn about the perfect shaping steps as well as enjoy the fun and adventures in the island paradise.

"Lanzarote is the best kept secret island getaway for celebrities and professional athletes who want to get their bodies fit while enjoying the sun, Sea and the comforts of an exclusive holiday resort," Stefanie boasts, "It's time for me to shape up before London Fashion Week and what better way to do it than at the playground of the rich and famous."

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