Highlights Timeless Items that Never Go Out of Style Highlights Timeless Items  that Never Go Out of Style

In the wake of the latest fashion items inspired by New York Fashion Week, Rodeo Drive Resale (, premier reseller of 100% authentic Marc Jacobs bags, Prada heels, and Hermes scarves, and other coveted luxury pieces takes a look at a few clothing and accessory pieces that have stood the test of time:

1)    THE CARDIGAN: “Cardigans for me are like your BFF, your best friend forever, because they're seasonless, they're great when you want to have nice coverage, look stylish and it will always fit because it's made out of knit!” Designer and “Project Runway” winner Chloe Dao said in an interview posted on “The classic cardigan can be sexy, stylish and even slimming. There's one for every body type and every occasion.” For those looking for the best deals in designer cardigans, stores such as give shoppers the option to buy and sell luxury designers with savings on pre-owned Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and more.

2)    ST. JOHN BASICS: Because items from the St. John Basics label are considered seasonless, they are never given a retail markdown or put on sale. Their classic jackets, skirts, and pants serve as the building blocks of any St. John Lover’s wardrobe with pieces that can be dressed up or down and, as mentioned before, work beautifully from one season to the next. is the world’s largest reseller of discount St. John Knits, with many designs and styles for lovers of the iconic brand to choose from.

3)    THE PERFECT PAIR OF DARK JEANS: For a semi-formal event or, say, casual Friday at work, a slim cut, dark pair of jeans can convey a more relaxed style of fashion while remaining tasteful. Steer clear of distressed, torn or overly embellished jeans for these occasions when in a professional setting. Flats or heels work well here, and will give your jeans a dressier feel.

4)    A LUXURY BAG BY LOUIS VUITTON: Every luxury bag lover has their preference, but most agree: When it comes to style and status, few brands can match the reputation of this French fashion label. Vintage Louis Vuitton bags, wallets and accessories have become the gold standard for sophistication, and as the label looks to maintain its position as the premier fashion brand among China’s growing luxury market, demand for LV, founded in 1854, remains as strong as ever. Because of their uncompromising selling strategy (LV has not had a sale in 154 years), midrange shoppers looking for a deal flock to sites such as, which offer buyers the opportunity to buy or sell 100% authentic designer handbags at a fraction of the cost.