Rodarte Collaborates with Starbucks

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I popped into a Starbucks today to see what LA-based designers, Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, created for the coffee chain.  When I think of Rodarte I think whimsical and highbrow.  I definitely don't think mainstream and commercial.   

"What was really exciting was working with a brand that has such a signature visual identity and culture. Everyone recognizes the Starbucks logo. Laura and I immediately immersed ourselves in trying to find a way to play with that visual culture and reinterpreting it. It was interesting to start from something that was very iconic and known—and with products, not clothing. As a clothing designer, you think about what you're making, not what you're putting on it. We had to have a concept that we could build product out of instead of just saying well, we have an idea for a collection and this color represents that and playing with silhouettes. You have to get your point across on top of a card."

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