Pluggz Shoes Combine Style and Comfort

January 30
3:05 2013
Pluggz Shoes Combine Style and Comfort

Pluggz shoes offer a "groundbreaking" concept: style plus comfort. Pluggz incorporate an exclusive technology that reconnects people with the natural energy source of the earth. Each pair of shoes contains black plugs made from a custom formulated carbon and rubber compound that sit under a weight bearing part of our feet ensuring electrical contact between the earth and our bodies. This proprietary plug feature allows people to get grounded when walking on grass, sand, soil -- even concrete city sidewalks. Being grounded is scientifically proven to be beneficial to one's overall well-being.

Pluggz not only offer extreme comfort, they also are super stylish, with a collection of Ballet flats - from sophisticated metallics to brightly colored laser cut patterns; along with flip-flops in fun metallic neutrals ensuring they'll go with every outfit.

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