New XBracelets Feature Thanklets, the Official 'Thank You' Bracelets

New XBracelets Feature Thanklets, the Official 'Thank You' Bracelets

XBracelets, the maker of custom fundraising and promotional bracelets, has launched the Thank You campaign featuring Thanklets (, the "Thank You" bracelets, because saying thank you still matters!

"We created Thanklets out of our frustration that saying 'thank you' is quickly becoming a thing of the past," said Dan Hoffman, founder of XBracelets. "How many times have you opened a door for someone and they walk through without saying a word? Or how about when driving, you let someone cut in front of you in traffic and you don't even get a nod or a wave. I find myself yelling out to these people, 'You're welcome!' What's happened to common courtesy? Maybe it's the fact that we're now so used to texting or tweeting that we've become less personal? After all, 'thank you' takes up 9 characters and we only get 140..."

Thanklets provide a personal and lasting gesture. Just get a bunch give them out make someone's day. Pay it forward. Take one off your wrist (maybe the one someone just gave you) and give it to a police officer or a fireman or a soldier. How about one to a teacher or an exceptional waiter (in addition to a good tip) or even your parents or siblings for putting up with you? Charities can give them to donors or supporters as a gift with donation. Employers can give them to hard working people, or how about one to the nice person who just gave you their cab? The possibilities are endless, just use them to say thank you!

In the spirit of "thank you" XBracelets will donate 10% of its profits from Thanklets to a different charity every quarter, starting with the Wounded Warrior Project.

Thanklets pricing gets as low as $3.95 each, so anyone can afford them and they come in five different colors or with a recycled tire band that's eco-friendly.

XBracelets provides custom and its new "Ready 2 Go" bracelets for both large and small nonprofit and for-profit businesses. They're made in the USA and used worldwide for events, branding, as cause awareness bracelets, promotional wristbands and as fundraising bracelets. A few of the organizations that have used XBracelets are Nissan, The Salvation Army, The Cesar Millan Foundation, Paul Mitchell, The Muhammad Ali Center, VW and the Free Syria Project. For more information, go to or

New XBracelets Feature Thanklets, the Official 'Thank You' Bracelets
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