Nashville Unveils Fresh New Fashion Designer Sunny Fitz

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Nashville, TN has recently been dubbed the "IT" city and for good reason! Music City is proving that it offers more than just music by spawning a wide variety of cultural aspects and one more is on the horizon. A fresh new designer named Sunny Fitz and her couture SUNNYband line of head fashion emerges, and might just be the next crowning jewel in the southern town.

Sunny recently unveiled her new line to the public in a fall fashion bash, where runway models displayed her unique handmade creations, showing how they pair easily with various fashion styles. Sunny herself even joined in the fun, sporting one her couture headbands. (Pictured in pink and green above.)

There is a SUNNYband for everyone. Styles range from simple to daring and all are one of a kind, handmade designs. Sunny Fitz wants to empower women of all ages and walks of life. From little girls to the grown woman who wants to be in touch with her inner little girl. From celebrities, to stay-at-home moms, there is a SUNNYband for us all.

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