Martha Stewart Makes Over Each Pair of Louboutins

October 30
11:28 2012
Martha Stewart Makes Over Each Pair of Louboutins

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Martha Stewart ALTERS HER CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN HEELS: Martha Stewart is used to doing things her own way, and that includes reconfiguring every pair of Christian Louboutin designer heels she purchases. Stewart told says she is not a fan of Louboutin’s calling card – the splash of red at the bottom of each of his high-end pumps, so she paints them black. "I don't like them red, even though they're his trademark. But he doesn't mind. He said it's okay if I do that-I asked him!" Lovers of the popular red-bottom heels are encouraged to take part in’s “Christian Louboutin: Red with Envy,” campaign in which luxury enthusiasts can score big savings on an array of Christian Louboutin heels, all of which are backed by a 100% guarantee of authenticity.

POPULAR COLUMNIST MAKES PLEA TO MARC JACOBS: Women off all sizes love the beautiful designs by Marc Jacobs, but plus-sized fashionistas have long spoken out about the lack of luxury pieces made for women of a certain size. One of the most outspoken opponents of Jacobs’ apparent anti-plus size fashions is Marie Claire writer and blogger Nicolette Mason, who posted a video online urging Jacobs CEO Robert Duffy to remain true to his word and make clothing for larger women. “Robert Duffy, Marc Jacobs CEO, if you're out there, this is my chance to call you out again. Because two years ago you promised us a plus-size line from Marc Jacobs. Where is it? I want it. I would be your customer, and you know it.” Two years ago, Duffy posted a message on Twitter assuring his followers that a plan to design clothes for plus-sized women was in the works: “We gotta do larger sizes,” he wrote. “I'm with you. As soon as I get back to NY. I'm on it! It will take me about a year. But stay with us,” Duffy tweeted in August 2010.


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