L'eclisse Mineral Makeup Launches March 2013

L'eclisse Mineral Makeup Launches March 2013

Discover the magic of mineral makeup with L'eclisse, a luxurious new line of cosmetic and skincare products that bring together premium quality ingredients, mineral-based formulations and glamorous packaging - for stunning results.

What's the L'eclisse story?

L'eclisse mineral makeup promotes the appearance of healthy, naturally flawless skin. Each product is formulated to help you look and feel beautiful all day - while providing the ultimate in healing protection for even the most sensitive skin types. Products are easy to wear, with a weightless feel that's never stiff or heavy, and incorporate beautifully designed packaging to add to a distinctively elegant user experience. We like to think of it as an exquisite approach to complete beauty, starting with healthy, soothing and protective skincare.

Who it's for:
Anyone seeking high-quality skincare - especially those with sensitive skin. L'eclisse makeup can be safely applied after almost all skin treatments, to continue to support healing and prevention, and provide an excellent barrier to the sun and other irritants.

Why choose L'eclisse:
The L'eclisse line is different from other mineral makeup brands because we use our refined knowledge of high-grade raw ingredients and their synergies to create unique, award-winning formulas. We use only the finest ingredients available, resulting in the purest, healthiest and most effective mineral makeup for your skin. L'eclisse skincare products offer anti-aging benefits, and are made from natural ingredients. Our water-resistant, mineral-based makeup formulas provide all-day protection and coverage without fading, creasing or smearing. Anti-inflammatory ingredients Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide help to calm irritation and support acne, sensitive and rosacea-prone skin, while also providing broad-spectrum sun protection. Each product is non-comedogenic and oil-free, to assist in preventing dehydration without blocking pores. At L'eclisse, we never use low-grade materials; because our products contain none of the irritants from synthetic perfumes, oils, dyes or fillers found in commercial cosmetics, they offer minimal allergy risk.