Larson Jewelers Expands Carbon Fiber Rings Line

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Larson Jewelers Expands Carbon Fiber Rings Line

Larson Jewelers has expanded the number of ring styles with carbon fiber inlays, in both their tungsten carbide rings line and their ceramic rings line, made exclusively be Thorsten Rings, a company that specializes in alternative metals jewelry. Carbon fiber ring styles have come to be extremely popular in recent years. When these styles first hit the bridal market, only black and white carbon fiber styles were available. Today, there are many varieties of colors to choose from.

Carbon fiber is prized for its light weight and strength. This high tech material has been used for decades in the aviation and automobile racing industries. Many people also like the beautiful weaved look of carbon fiber. Therefore, carbon fiber use has exploded in recent years as a decorative material. Many motorsports enthusiasts have seen show cars and motorbikes that use carbon fiber film on their bodies. It did not take long for carbon fiber to find its way into jewelry applications. Carbon fiber can most commonly be found on pendants and alternative metal wedding bands, such as tungsten carbide, titanium, cobalt chrome and ceramic.

The most common colors of carbon fiber used in jewelry come in black and white. Other harder to find colors are blue and pink. There are multicolored styles as well, such as black and blue, black and green, black and red, and black and silver. Extremely rare and hard to find colors are emerald green and purple, which Larson Jewelers now carries.

While it is quite common to find retailers carrying tungsten rings with carbon fiber inlays, it is quite rare to find black ceramic ring styles with carbon fiber. There are many colors of carbon fiber that look amazing when paired with a black color ring, as shown here in this press release. The reason these styles are best made in black ceramic, instead of black tungsten, is because black tungsten is coated with a black material that can scratch off, but black ceramic is just as scratch resistant as plain tungsten carbide. Therefore, for a much more durable black finish that will always look great, black ceramic is the way to go.

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