Lady Lux Swimwear Teams Up with Allegro Australia

Lady Lux Swimwear Teams Up with Allegro Australia

Lady Lux designer swimwear has teamed up with the major fashion distributor, Allegro Australia to bring luxury swimwear to an expanded market. Allegro Australia and Lady Lux Swimwear have other international partners, but the common goals between Allegro Australia and Lady Lux Swimwear create a solid partnership. Both brands pride themselves on providing high-end, fashion forward, and feminine pieces to their clientele. Lady Lux Swimwear and Allegro Australia have dedicated their businesses to making women around the world look and feel great.

Allegro Australia was founded to bring alluring fashion pieces to women in Australia. Allegro Australia has been working with countries such as, Italy, France, Israel, Spain, and the USA to repeatedly distribute top-of-the-line brands. Allegro Australia has maintained a successful business and they continue to show their unwavering dedication to their customers by carrying only the highest quality of brands. With one of the largest, most competitive swimsuit industries in the world, Australia has proven to be a profitable place for swimsuit brands to showcase their collections.

Based out of Newport Beach, California, Lady Lux Swimwear is designed to appeal to women who appreciate high quality and luxury swimwear. With their 2015 collection in the production stages, Lady Lux is looking forward to giving their clients one of a kind swimwear for another season. Made entirely in the USA, Lady Lux swimwear is making its mark on the swimwear world nationally and internationally. Lady has made an expansion with distributors across the US, Europe, Canada, and Australia. Lady Lux Swimwear brings Southern California style to all parts of the world with its unique hardware and embellishments.

Both companies are excited for the opportunity to work with one another on expanding the Lady Lux brand, and providing Southern California designer swimwear to women in Australia. This partnership will continue the expansion of the Lady Lux Brand to a new international market. Lady Lux will continue its growth throughout the states and internationally to provide a wide-range of customers with a prestigious luxury swimwear brand.

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