Ke$ha Collaborates with Charles Albert on Jewelry Line

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Ke$ha Collaborates with Charles Albert on Jewelry Line

Charles Albert® announced Kesha Rose by Charles Albert®, a new jewelry line, in collaboration with pop music sensation, Ke$ha.

Kesha Rose by Charles Albert will maintain the Charles Albert® brand’s high-quality and contemporary aesthetic, while reflecting the singer’s distinctive personality throughout the collection. Known for her unique wardrobe choices, the jewelry will reflect that edgy and raw look by featuring skulls, arrowheads, fossilized shark teeth and metal-cast human teeth. These materials mixed with turquoise and other natural stones were personally selected by the musical star. “The design process was so fun. Charles and Beth and their whole team are so collaborative and always a good time to work with. Going to their office was like a crazy playground for me – so many fun stones and colors and weird objects. We just sat around and played with all of it for a few days and ended up with a sick collection of pieces in the end. I could not be more excited”, said Ke$ha of the design process.

Ke$ha has worn Charles Albert® at the MTV VMA’s and other high-profile red carpet events through the years. Charles says, “She wears our pieces well and we have always been a fan of her eclectic style. So naturally, when this partnership for Kesha Rose by Charles Albert came about we just felt it was an organic fit.” The feeling is a mutual one, “I have been wearing Charles Albert for a few years now and I'm obsessed with their jewelry. It's so fun, and massive, and makes such a wild statement. I didn't know Charles himself until we started working together, but once we did I realized how amazing this partnership would be because of how similar our vision and aesthetic are”, Ke$ha says of the jewelry designer.

The new line will be comprised of 5-7 collections containing statement necklaces, earrings, unique pendants, chunky bracelets, oversized knuckle rings and medi-rings. The jewelry will range in price from $30 to $750, with most pieces retailing under $100 to make the collection accessible to Ke$ha’s fan base. According to the singer, of the line, “There will be something for everyone!”

Kesha Rose by Charles Albert will launch in late summer 2013 in anticipation of fall fashions and will be available in August at stores and online at

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