Jennifer Lawrence Wins Oscars Then Goes Brunette

February 27
1:59 2013
Jennifer Lawrence Wins Oscars Then Goes Brunette

Wondering how you can too? As one of the leading manufacturers of professional hair color, IT&LY Hairfashion shares their expert tips for "How to go from Blonde to Brunette" just like Jennifer Lawrence.

Just hours after winning her first Oscar,Jennifer Lawrence made the drastic jump from blonde to brunette. This not so easy color transformation requires several steps prior to achieve even and natural results.

First, IT&LY's color experts suggest shampooing the hair with a chelating shampoo like IT&LY's ACP Chelating Treatment Shampoo to remove any traces of oils and styling products that can leave a build-up on the hair preventing even color coverage. Next, after drying the hair, mist with a leave in treatment such as 2 Phase Hydrashine to even the porosity. IT&LY's Colorly 2020 permanent hair color 4TN (Coffee Brown) will provide that deep rich brunette color. After processing, rinse thoroughly then lightly shampoo and condition with IT&LY's Advanced Color Protection Shampoo and Conditioner followed by spritzing their Color Loc to seal the cuticle for long lasting coverage.

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