ID Pop Shop Returns to Chelsea Market, Today Through 4/27

ID POP SHOP, the popular independent designer shopping experience in New York City is making a fashionable return in April with Spring's latest fashion collections. Thoughtfully curated by designer-entrepreneurs Barbara Wilkinson and Raoul Calleja, ID Pop Shop is a shopping destination for aficionados of high quality, style-defining jewelry, apparel, accessories, and art. The fashion enthusiasts, tourists and locals who abound every day in Chelsea Market will enjoy finding original accessories by Arzadesign, Sophia Costas, and Vernakular Photo Designs; jewelry by GK Designs and Barbara Wilkinson Jewelry, and clothing by naturevsfuture and RASANY; as well as paintings and prints by Edie Art.

Wilkinson (of Barbara Wilkinson Jewelry) and Calleja (of Vernakular Photo Designs) launched the Independent Designer Pop Shop (also known as ID Pop Shop) in June of 2011. However, the first event almost didn't happen. The cancellation of another event in which they planned to participate, resulted in Wilkinson and Calleja assembling their unique network of local independent designers who had been struggling to find a good venue to present their products. The overwhelming success of this accidental event paved the way for almost 25 more shows at Chelsea Market over the next 3 years. While they weren't the first to organize a retail pop up event, they definitely filled a much-needed niche in the NYC retail environment. They not only provided an excellent platform for independent designers to showcase their designs, they also proved the viability of local and independent talent. It was a win-win for customers and designers alike. In the last three years, over 100 of the best independent local designers have participated to showcase their collections at the exclusive "invitation only" pop up shop for New York brands.

The highest caliber of local designers is meticulously assembled by Wilkinson and Calleja for ID Pop Shop. Interested designers are carefully reviewed to ensure the brands are the right fit for ID Pop Shop. The designers vary at each event, but the brands included are consistently fashion forward.

Hosting the events in Chelsea Market's event space is a big coup. As popular outerwear and ready-to-wear designer Nina Valenti of naturevsfuture says: "I love participating at ID Pop Shop at Chelsea Market because it gives my work exposure to such a diverse crowd of people from all over the world." Located in one of the most buoyant retail areas in Manhattan, in part due to the High Line refurbishment and the revitalization of the Meatpacking District, Chelsea Market attracts tourists, locals, and business people. Professionals from Google, Major League Baseball and Food Network are a big fan base in the building; they stop by several times during the week and are loyal customers. Now that word of the events has grown, the show boasts wait lists of dozens of designers who wish to participate in ID Pop Shop.

The Independent Designer Pop Shop (ID Pop Shop), spearheaded by creative design entrepreneurs Barbara Wilkinson and Raoul Calleja is run with a clear mandate-to assemble New York City's most exciting independent brands by designers who design and create their own products. The huge success of the first show in June 2011, paved the way for almost 25 events with over 100 local designers featured over 3 years. To keep the most up-to-date on ID Pop Shop happenings visit and follow them on Twitter: @IDPopShopNYC and "Like" their page on Facebook:

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