Hair Barrettes Wholesale Celebrates Store Opening

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Hair Barrettes Wholesale Celebrates Store Opening

A new website, Hair Barrettes Wholesale, has opened as a subsidiary of Bella Fashion Wholesale, a popular website for high quality fashion jewelry at low prices. Hair Barrettes Wholesale is offering the reduced minimum order amount of only $45 to celebrate it's launch.

The reasons to head over to Hair Barrettes Wholesale are plenty: the website has the great quality of focusing special attention on shop owners, distributors, and retailers, with its true wholesale design. Customers have the benefit of knowing that they are purchasing high quality products that their customers will love at low prices that rival those of overseas factories. Furthermore, Hair Barrettes Wholesale is owned and operated out of Hayward, California, so burdens of high shipping costs, freight, or customs duties are lifted off the shoulders of the customers. The website offers delightful products and direct buying prices in a domestic package.

Hair Barrettes Wholesale breaks down the barriers to wholesale shopping for shop owners: customers need buy only one dozen, or several dozens if they wish, of any specific style. In addition, to make wholesale shopping more accessible to those with limited capital, Hair Barrettes Wholesale, for a limited time only, is now offering a much reduced minimum order amount of only $45, instead of the originally set minimum order amount of $150. If you're a shop owner wanting to invest limited amount of capital in holiday inventory, or if you're an entrepreneur sitting on the idea of starting your own fabulous fashion jewelry shop, now is definitely the time.

What about the products themselves? There are plenty of gorgeous options that will satisfy any retailer's customers and appeal to a wide range of tastes. The high quality fashion products keep up with the trends customers love and range from small sparkling barrettes to intricate crystal headbands and from simple and chic bow barrettes to elegant mini jaw clips. Plastic Jaw Clips]will start shoppers on their way to retail success! With this limited time offer of only $45 for the minimum order, Hair Barrettes Wholesale opens the door to wholesale shopping. By taking that easy step and making a friend of Hair Barrettes Wholesale, wholesale shoppers will see their customers satisfied and their products selling like World Series t-shirts.

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