Feedback from Social Media Lead eNail Supply to Expand Their Range

Feedback from Social Media Lead eNail Supply to Expand Their Range

eNail Supply, the online retailer of branded beauty products for hands, feet and nails, announced that they will be expanding their range. The most popular brands to benefit from this expansion will be Gelish Hand & Nail Honey Girl, Nailtiques and Rejuvacote. They are also planning to increase the range of fingernail decals they offer their customers. And they have engagement with customers on Facebook and Twitter to thank for this positive move.

The beauty industry is known for its constant demand for the best quality products and brands at the lowest prices. eNail Supply have cited this planned range expansion as a way to ensure they remain the first choice for customers who only want the best beauty products. Their discount prices and wide color ranges see them as continually the number one choice amongst beauty professionals and consumers.

CEO of eNail Supply, Sudeep Arya said, "By increasing our range of products like fingernail decals and Gelish hand & nail honey girl, eNail Supply is offering customers a wide range of different beauty products popular within the industry. We are keeping quality goods available to our customers and offering them at affordable online prices. Their favourite brands are delivered straight to their doors, so we know they will be happy with their purchase and come back to us as loyal customers."

As a company, eNail Supply are well-known as suppliers of quality beauty products such as Nailtiques and Rejuvacote. Their increased range of quality brands comes as a direct result of the interaction they have been enjoying with their customers on the social media platforms Facebook and Twitter. Customers have been telling them their favorites and eNail Supply have been listening.

Customer feedback flagged up particular brands as being most popular. The company then monitored sales figures which gave them a clear indication that expansion would be needed to meet increased customer demand.