Evelyn Fox Carved Out a Niche in High-End Fashion with Crystal Heels

November 27
9:09 2012
Evelyn Fox Carved Out a Niche in High-End Fashion with Crystal Heels

At 24, many young women are just starting to figure out where they're going in life. But this is not the case for Evelyn Fox. The trendsetter is running her own successful high-end fashion company, Crystal Heels™ and it all started with a pair of Louboutins, a couple thousand Swarovski crystals, and a heady mix of creativity and passion.

Fox has spent exactly half her life in the fashion world. She began modeling at 12 and spent the next decade on covers of magazines as well as doing commercials for major brands. Along the way, Fox developed her own style sense and a taste for high-end fashion. But it was her discovery that no one was making the shoes she wanted to wear that pushed Fox to create the first pair of Crystal Heels.

"As so many businesses are, Crystal Heels was born of necessity. I couldn't find exactly the right pair of shoes, so I crafted the shoes I envisioned," Fox explained. "The end result was a pair of my favorite Louboutins hand-strassed with thousands of Swarovski crystals. Women would stop me on the street to ask where I got the shoes, and I realized there was an untapped market for custom, high-end shoes."

Fox used her entrepreneurial spirit and her degree in Internet marketing to start Crystal Heels. Since the brand officially launched in 2011, Crystal Heels have been in demand by celebrities, stylists, and discerning fashionistas: Sharon Osbourne andCamille Grammer are among Crystal Heels' fans, and when StyleHaus opens at The Grove in Los Angeles early next month, tourists and locals alike will have the opportunity to shop for their own Crystal Heels.


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