Byron Lars Beauty Mark Fall Presentation Set for Valentine's Day

Byron Lars Beauty Mark Fall Presentation Set for Valentine's Day

Byron Lars Beauty Mark is scheduled to debut its Fall 2013 collection February 14, 2013 during New York Fashion Week. The Byron Lars Beauty Mark Fall 2013 collection is a textile laboratory gone mad! "It's really all about the fabric this season", says Lars. "I'm absolutely obsessed at the moment with any textile that pulsates with texture and energy... the kind that compels you to just reach out and touch them!"

Whether considering the magnificence of faux leather sequins on tulle net, or the surprise of torched laminate guipure lace, this collection may be "all about the fabric" for Mr. Lars. But beautiful fabric is by no means all there is to this captivating body of work. Brimming with impeccable cutting and meticulous engineering, these are the clothes of which dreams are made.

Three distinct themes emerge and resound throughout the Fall 2013 Collection, the origins of which are not surprisingly textile-related.

The first is a good girl/bad girl intrigue; achieved through devices such as the vixen-ization of demure 1950's day dresses cut in sumptuous stretch pleather, while delicate lace is juxtaposed and artillerized with chain maille.

An ironic element of athleticism also prevails throughout the sophisticated collection. Unlikely couplets like a boucle' luncheon suit' integrates chenille braid racing stripes and sports mesh detailing while a curve hugging tailored peg skirt seems ready for either head turning or deep Sea diving with its scuba-bonded interior.

A halcyon notion of global community assimilates the collection. A prolific, harmonious and loose mix of several different cultural references such as a furry union jack of faux mink strips appears on the back of a pseudo fur jacket. A scuba brocade coat is a cross between a spacesuit and an article found at the Chinese National Museum. With influences reaching from as far as Africa to the Antarctic, the Byron Lars Beauty Mark Fall 2013 Collection is granted world citizenship.