Bob Hurley to Speak at Laguna College of Art and Design 2014 Commencement

Bob Hurley to Speak at Laguna College of Art and Design 2014 Commencement

Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD), a premier four-year art and design college, announced Bob Hurley, founder of Hurley, will speak at the college's 2014 Commencement ceremony at 4 p.m. on Monday, May 19 at the main campus which is located at 2222 Laguna Canyon Road in Laguna Beach, CA 92651.

"Bob is more than a business success story. He led a cultural phenomenon that brought the surfing lifestyle into the mainstream," said President Jonathan Burke. "Bob organically created an empire that embraces the sport, art, music, fashion and environmental stewardship of surfing. His philosophy of hard work and nurturing great talent - many of whom are LCAD students and alumni - is significant to our new generation of graduating artists and designers."

LCAD has the first action sports design degree program in the world, which was founded five years ago through its partnership with Hurley and his company, Hurley.

Design and Digital Media Chair Catharin Eure recalled the enthusiasm when she first pitched the idea of an action sports program to Hurley and Roger Wyett, former NIKE Vice President of Action Sports.

"Bob's response was, 'I've always liked to surround myself around talent and I see real talent here,'" Eure said. "Our partnership with Hurley and NIKE has opened the door for our students to receive experience in their chosen field and graduate with opportunities for rewarding work that utilizes their artistic design talent and skill."

LCAD's Design and Digital Media program was also chosen as one of the four "best design schools in the world" by NIKE, parent company of Hurley. Eure credits this Honor with Hurley's decision to support and grow the action sports design program.

"Hurley has continued to evolve as a brand and a company because we have actively welcomed and valued young, energetic talent," Hurley said. "Our team of designers, many of whom are LCAD alumni and interns, bring so much vitality and innovation to our culture and our products. We're excited to share our experience with these young graduates and urge them to continuously seek opportunities to grow in all aspects of their lives."

Design and Digital Media majors working in studio and at Hurley Corporate offices, collaborate with Hurley art directors to understand industry methods and develop their own graphic lines of surf and lifestyle apparel. Hurley and NIKE employ LCAD alumni and students in their digital media, apparel and marketing departments. This year, Miranda Jaocbucci, Jessica Necor and Abram Goglanian will spend the summer interning at Hurley International.

LCAD's class of 2014 is one of its biggest graduating classes with 90 students receiving Bachelor of Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees. For more information about LCAD's 2014 Commencement please visit:

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