Bella Fashion's Twist 'n' Twirl is the New Must Have Accessory for Thick Hair

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Bella Fashion's Twist 'n' Twirl is the New Must Have Accessory for Thick Hair

Whether shoppers' New Year's Resolutions include saving time on hairstyles or being more creative, Bella Fashion's new Twist 'n' Twirl Hair Tie is an innovative arrival that is a smart choice for 2013 accessory purchases. The unique product makes ponytails effortless with a clip and hair tie to wrap hair elegantly. A Bella Fashion exclusive designed to make life easier for women with thick hair, the Twist' n' Twirl Hair Ties are an affordable pick and available at both retail and wholesale.

Women with thick hair know all too well how difficult it can be to find ways to create a ponytail that gives a secure hold without sacrificing a polished, sophisticated look. With the Twist 'n' Twirl Hair Ties, both challenges are met easily in one stylish product. They're simple to use: wearers slide the product under the hair, use the hair clip to secure some of the hair, and wrap both ends of the hair tie around all the hair, scrunching for a desired look. The design of the Twist 'n' Twirl Hair Tie sets it apart from other products on the market - with the built-in hair clip and wraparound design, even ladies with very thick hair will create cute and chaos-free styles with ease.

The Twist 'n' Twirl Hair Ties are available in the long version, which includes options such as the black and white ripples style, the ruffled style in black, navy, creme, and white, and the black pleated style. They also come in the unique beige fishnet style, with or without beads, for a touch of vintage style. At Hair Barrettes Wholesale, wholesale buyers have the option to order an assortment of these listed products in a dozen pack, which will include one to two of each style.

The short version of the Twist 'n' Twirl Hair Tie comes in a satin style, and works similarly, but features a hair clip on the end rather than in the center. It has many color options, with black and brown, as well as gorgeous two-tones: a blue-black, gold-black, silver-black. Shoppers can buy combinations of long and short styles in different colors to match favorite outfits and shades.

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