BWW Review: Zoe Alexander Changing the World of Maternity Clothes

December 3
12:01 2012


Steve and Adriana Walkington have redefined the world of maternity clothes in London and the world.   Their line of fashionable maternity wear, Zoe Alexander, began out of love, passion and Adriana's dreams of being a fashion designer.  Their line is bespoke maternity, completely cut to measure, and wearable before, during and after pregnancy.  Zoe Alexander is fashionable maternity clothing for the modern Mom!

BWW Review: Zoe Alexander Changing the World of Maternity Clothes

It was not so long ago that being pregnant meant putting away your sense of style for nine plus months in favor of oversized, baggy clothes.  But, just because your belly expands shouldn't mean an end to your fashion forward wardrobe.  In fact, women today have embraced the "bump" and show it off in all its glory!

This is where Zoe Alexander truly has a handle on what a pregnant woman needs for work, events and everyday life before, during and after a pregnancy.  Their line of bespoke maternity is all things trendy, transitional and most importantly, made with the finest attention to details.

Zoe Alexander is made locally in the UK, which gives them the ability to have a total hand on approach to their quality.  Steve and Adriana pick everything from the fabric to design to color.  They get to see all their designs go through their full evolution, including reading emails from costumers who are thrilled with the fit of their new Zoe Alexander piece.

Here at BWW FashionWorld, we received samples from the line and roped in a special pregnant friend to try them all on and give us her thoughts!

BWW Review: Zoe Alexander Changing the World of Maternity Clothes

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