BWW Review: IN THE NAME OF GUCCI by Patricia Gucci is Captivating

BWW Review: IN THE NAME OF GUCCI by Patricia Gucci is Captivating

BWW Review: IN THE NAME OF GUCCI by Patricia Gucci is Captivating

Patricia Gucci's memoir, "In the Name of Gucci," is now on available in bookstores and online. It is a truly fascinating story about the drama of her family life and the famous Gucci fashion dynasty. The book is honest, compelling and wonderfully written.

Patricia tells how she was born the secret love child of Aldo Gucci, the energetic and brilliant businessman, who transformed his father's small Florentine luggage company into an international luxury brand. To avoid a public scandal, Aldo sent his young lover, Bruna Palombo to London to deliver her baby and brought her back to Rome with Patricia as a newborn. Mother and daughter were hidden from the Italian authorities, media and the entire Gucci family.

Patricia saw her beloved father periodically. He was devoted to Bruna and Patricia and provided for them very well. When she was ten years old, Patricia learned that Aldo was married to another woman and that he had three sons, her stepbrothers. And while life for Patricia and Bruna was far from easy, the loving bond in their little family endured for decades, a love that Aldo cherished to his final days.

In 2009, almost fifty years after her romance with Aldo began, Bruna shared with Patricia the beautifully written, amorous letters she received from Aldo during their time together. Their relationship began as an affair when Bruna was 18 and worked in the Gucci shop in Florence, but they experienced true commitment in the last 20 years of Aldo's life. Long after he had been estranged from his first wife Olwen, Bruna was considered his wife in the United States, with their legal marriage occurring in the 1980s.

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