AB Glass Jewelry Included in GBK Lounge for Golden Globe Nominees and Presenters

January 4
9:19 2013
AB Glass Jewelry Included in GBK Lounge for Golden Globe Nominees and Presenters

It takes hard work and an inspiring performance to be nominated for a Golden Globe, and a select group of nominees and presenters will be rewarded with an equally spirited gift. The 100 recipients will receive a hand-crafted Tree of Life pendant by AB Glass Jewelry, a gesture made in conjunction with The Artisan Group and the GBK Productions Luxury Gift Lounge on Jan. 11-12 in Los Angeles. Attendees of the lounge will also be able to view the pendant hanging from an adornment of glass beads as the Winter Dreams Necklace.

"It is deeply rewarding to know that Golden Globe celebrities will be wearing one of my creations, as every pendant is a representation of my spirit," she said of the experience. "Each one-of-a-kind design signifies one's ability to thrive despite adversity."

In her debut contribution to the gift lounge, designer Andrea Bernstein chose to include a piece that both represented her brand's unique dichroic glass approach and offered a colorful yet versatile element. "I selected what moves me. Colorful dreams become my reality," she said.
The collaboration of action and imagination is the foundation of AB Glass Jewelry. The Tree of Life collection was inspired by a tree outside Bernstein's window as a child. The imagery now represents her ability to flourish and grow even in the most barren environments.
Fabricating the vibrant colors and imagery is a multi-step process. "The pendants are made by cutting a sandwich of three layers of glass," Bernstein explains. Each tree is then hand-engraved onto the dichroic glass. Once prepared, the elements must be fired in a kiln for more than 2 hours, cooled for 8 hours and then polished before returning to the kiln for a final fire.
Creating the gifts may have taken hundreds of hours, but Bernstein remained focused on the details of each piece. "I work from a place of contentment," she said. "Each piece blossoms into its own refined expression of my soul."

AB Glass Jewelry is the visual articulation of Bernstein's colorful outlook on life and the serenity she has discovered along the way. The collection can be purchased at, or at many craft events in the Northeast region. Pendants are also available for purchase through, with full proceeds donated to Beads of Courage organization for children with serious illnesses.


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