ZooopitUp Offers Several Options for Dancers this Winter

Adding sweatpants, sweatshirts, hats and gloves to your winter warm-up wardrobe is a must in the world of healthy dancers. Knowledgeable dancers know muscles need to be warm to function at their full potential not to mention to remain healthy and injury free.

Why run around looking for mismatched items and lost leg warmers when you can reach for one ZooopitUp. Withforty-two styles in a variety of patterns and colors, this adult-sized onesie is a playsuit in spirit and functional sports wear in one. ZooopitUp warm-up onesies are for ladies and men creating a baggy, cozy, classic choice for bundling up on the way to and from classes and during lag time between rehearsal pieces. They fit over anything! And the Zooop can also be worn during warm-up class due to its flexible loose fit.

Nutcrackers, holiday showcases, rehearsals and hours of waiting for your turn as you sit on the cold backstage floor. Dancers fancy this time of year to entertain their spectators and receive their accolades after each show. Performers fill the theaters during these celebratory winter months. It is a time where energy is thin and the risk of injury high. The stress of performance includes a myriad of physical demands; and then you have to remember to break in your toe shoes, buy new bobby pins, apply flawless makeup and remain warm while you prep in your dressing room for the overture to begin.

Warming up increases circulation to the muscles. This blood flow causes the delivery of oxygen and fuel muscles need to increase the internal body temperature within the dancer. Not only does the warmth reduce the risk of injury, it helps dancers to perform their highest developpes and shocking grand jetes with optimal flexibility.

After warm-up is the perfect time to don a trendsetting ZOOOP to cover all limbs, muscles, and toes. Many dancers mistakenly wear these clothes at the beginning of class and peel them off as the body grows warm. However, they are actually intended to keep muscles warm after the warm-up class is over.

Stay warm with Zooopitup.com, drink water and be sure to stretch. This will keep you from cramping, and you will perform with a guaranteed Bravo!

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